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  • Plesk Migration to AWS

    Plesk Migration to AWS

    I have been running my hosting on 1and1 hosting (now Ionos) since the early days of the web. In the years I’ve been on that service, I’ve moved it a few times from one of their servers to another (mostly to save a few bucks), so it was time to do a Plesk migration to […]

  • Changing the Domain Name on WordPress Multi-site

    I created a WordPress site for a client who needed to support both English and Español versions of their content, which involved using a plugin called MultilingualPress that creates relationships between sites for each language. I developed the site locally on my server, and then after they created some content, migrated it to their hosting […]

  • Working Backwards

    Sometimes I find myself working backwards up a tree of errors to fix a problem. Today was a case in point. Since I’ve been doing a bit of WordPress grooming, I have the development build checked out locally. Previously I had run phpunit against the unit tests included in the code, but for some reason […]

  • Hacking a Theme

    Hacking a Theme

    I was setting up a temporary WordPress site for a client as a placeholder for their business. All they wanted was their logo, a link to an existing product page, and a message about the site being under construction. Since they were going to have some design ready shortly, I set them up with a […]

  • Lesson Re-learned: Backups !

    I just shot my blog in the foot, or more accurately, I didn’t follow IT 101 and back things up before making a change. I had moved my site to be completely WordPress based a while ago, and as a result I had a bit of a convoluted setup on my server. When I first […]