Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of the annoying message about pages dying on Chrome. For the most part it’s just annoying, and clicking “wait” lets the page load.

Until this morning, when for some reason Chrome just stopped letting me get to any of my hosted web sites. Whenever I would go to,, or, I would immediately see a “No data received” message:

No data


Oddly I was still able to get to my control panel and SSH through the 1and1 site using the same DNS names. So I called up 1and1 to see if they could help me out, only to be told that everything looked fine to them.

I even went to some of the “is my site up?” sites to see if it was responding, and they all showed up.

So I went to Safari, and lo and behold, the sites all came up just fine. Tried Firefox, and that looked good too.

Cleared out my Chrome cache, tried again, and no change. I even went so far as to reinstall Chrome and disable all the extensions, none of which worked.

So the mystery continues, and it seems I’ll be using Firefox again for a while.

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