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  • Background Check

    Background Check

    Way back in 2013, when the economy was really being stupid, I took the leap of faith that taking a job in Salt Lake City would be a good move. Prior to finding that job, I’d been through a bad run in a sluggish economy, and having had a few years  trying to be a […]

  • Tesla Turo Trip

    Tesla Turo Trip

    I decided I wanted to try two things for my birthday vacation: Renting a car from Driving a Tesla on a long trip I had seen the Turo app, and saw that you could rent just about any type of car on it, and I’ve been thinking about wanting to see how ready for […]

  • What is that pain in my chest?

    What is that pain in my chest?

    A few weeks back, I was walking to the store. It’s a short walk (about 3/4 of a mile) with a very slight grade. I walk a lot, usually a few miles a day, mostly by choosing to walk while waiting for the train, or when going to the market. This time, when I got […]

  • The Healthcare Quandry

    The Healthcare Quandry

    Most of my career was spent in healthcare, working in IT for providers, coordinating third party payments, and being a consumer battling with crazy multi-layered payment systems. I was lucky enough to be healthy in my youth and get by without insurance (although my feet still point in different directions thanks to breaking my ankle […]

  • How Old Are You ?

    I get a chuckle over this every time it happens. Something in one of the many synch tools I use does some sort of conversion of birth dates, and I end up with alerts on my Mac that tell me somebody is having a really great birthday:

  • Loss and Sadness

    Today I went to work expecting a great day. My young friend Chris Merris was coming back to TheraDoc, and it’s always a good thing to have sharp people around you. The mood of the day suddenly shifted as I found out that Jeff Knell, another new friend at work had died over the weekend. […]

  • Serenity


    A project manager has to be able to be in the moment and calmly react to any situation in order for a plan to succeed. Reacting to everything that might go wrong, or things that don’t help to achieve the goals of the project doesn’t get us to the product of the project (our “ends” […]

  • Just Git’R’Done on Gun Control

    When I was in third grade, we lived in Fairbanks Alaska, and I wanted to be a grown up. Because Alaska is frontier wilderness, a lot of the activities I remember were around doing things in the outdoors with the family. I wanted to be grown up, so I got a paper route (at eight years […]

  • Mourning Loss of our Public School Programs

    I was struck by the power of unintended consequences while watching a show about the science of dyslexia. What hit me the most was a segment of the show where they were talking to a successful business man who had struggled with dyslexia his entire life and found a place he could succeed in the […]