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  • CloudFormation Custom Resources

    CloudFormation Custom Resources

    CloudFormation is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) method of creating repeatable infrastructure as code. Technically templates that describe resources to be built in AWS. There are things that either were never implemented in CloudFormation, or need some logic that exceeds what CloudFormation does. For those cases, AWS provided the capability of adding macros and custom […]

  • AWS Extend Switch Roles

    AWS Extend Switch Roles

    I lear about a change in how AWS extend roles works, and how to use the extension in Chrome after that change. AWS Extend Switch Roles Update 2.0.3

  • Unexpected Consequences – Jenkins and PHPUnit

    I am a big fan of Test Driven Development (TDD) and tools like Hudson/Jenkins to automate the process of having a continuous integration build system are key. On my current project we recently started moving things to Amazon EC2, and rather than put everything on one big server, I thought I’d follow the best practices […]