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  • Changing the Domain Name on WordPress Multi-site

    I created a WordPress site for a client who needed to support both English and Español versions of their content, which involved using a plugin called MultilingualPress that creates relationships between sites for each language. I developed the site locally on my server, and then after they created some content, migrated it to their hosting […]

  • Extreme Import

    Once in a while, I run across a situation where I need to import data from a spreadsheet into a database. If the data is to update a single table, this is pretty straight forward. On the other hand, if the data is modeled as a set of tables it gets a bit more messy.

  • Migrate JavaEE from Single Tier VM (Step 1)

      I manage a small application that is hosted on a single Linux virtual machine and have noticed some occasional performance and stability issues. The server runs CentOS, MySQL and a GlassFish server. I chose GlassFish several years ago because at the time it was the only EJB3 container around, as well as being very […]

  • Making sure Stash starts up on Windows

    I was having a problem where Stash (which was installed as a service) wasn’t starting up properly and giving me a page that made it look like there was a problem with the database. I have a local MySQL on the same machine as the Stash server, and both that service and the Stash server […]

  • Recover a broken WordPress

    I was helping out http://www.pmi-sfbac.org whose web site was down. The server was being unresponsive, and Larry Van Cantfort (the Director of Operations for PMI SFBAC) sent me this clue: It appears that httpd has a lot of running processes and when I try to kill them I am unable to. THis is causing the server […]

  • Oracle and Sun – Better Microsoft competition ?

    I was thinking about this as I drove to work this morning: what is the real business value to Oracle of buying Sun ? It occurred to me that part of the many benefits to Oracle are the products that help them compete better with the Microsoft offerings. Could this be another in a long […]

  • Moving my VolunteerCake to my Mac …

    I have been running my development for VolunteerCake with a database on my Windows box which sits in my office with my Mac. I went to meet some people at a coffee shop, and realized that I couldn’t show them the app running on my MacBook because I was no longer on the same subnet […]

  • SourceForge.net application hosting cache issue

    I have a new open source project at VolunteerCake that is using their recently released web hosting service. This service includes the typical LAMP stack with MySQL, Apache and PHP, so I thought it would be a great place to keep a demo of the site running. It was working fine, and then one day […]