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  • How to blog – step 1

    Since I’ve been blogging for a couple of months now, I have friends who are asking me “how do you blog?”. Seems like a simple enough question, so I figured I’d blog about it (seems a little redundant blogging about blogging, but here goes). The first step of course is to set up your blog. […]

  • Share A Calendar with a Group …

    One of the things I always struggle with as a project manager is how to communicate availability. If I’m using a corporate email system like Exchange, it is extremely easy to set up calendars to be shared, and everybody using that system has the ability to at least see your free/busy status which helps in […]

  • Google Translate me please …

    I use Google Reader to follow industry blogs about things like PHP and Java. One of the nice things that Google Reader does, is to automagically translate the page into English when the post is in a different language. This is very helpful especially with blogs in subjects like these, especially since the international community […]

  • Lose focus, lose the race …

    One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen businesses make over the years is to lose focus on what made them successful in the first place. Over the last year or so I’ve become more disappointed with Plaxo. They seem to have forgotten that their key differentiation in the market was the way that they […]

  • Plaxo: the service I love/hate

    A couple of days back, I solved a problem I was having with Plaxo. For a few weeks, I was unable to connect to any of the Plaxo web servers from any of my home machines. Being a fairly knowledgeable network person, I spent hours trying to diagnose the problem. I could get to all […]