Tag: CentOS

  • Migrate JavaEE from Single Tier VM (Step 1)

      I manage a small application that is hosted on a single Linux virtual machine and have noticed some occasional performance and stability issues. The server runs CentOS, MySQL and a GlassFish server. I chose GlassFish several years ago because at the time it was the only EJB3 container around, as well as being very […]

  • Changing RHEL6 to CentOS packages

    Recently I was using a canned VM that had RedHat EL6 loaded on it, and needed to add a package, only to find that the package had been moved to the RedHat base repository.        

  • Getting the correct timezone in a web application

    I support a web application that is hosted on a virtual private server. The application architecture is JavaEE running under GlassFish on CentOS. Like most ISP’s, my hosting provider builds vanilla Linux boxes that can be configured with various flavors of the OS. Out of the box these images have their timezone set to UTC, […]