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  • Unexpected Consequences – Jenkins and PHPUnit

    I am a big fan of Test Driven Development (TDD) and tools like Hudson/Jenkins to automate the process of having a continuous integration build system are key. On my current project we recently started moving things to Amazon EC2, and rather than put everything on one big server, I thought I’d follow the best practices […]

  • Where did my space go ?

    The other day I got a notification from the Plesk control panel for Carticipate telling me that the user account was about to expire. I logged into Plesk only to find out that the disk on the VPS was full. Now this was really confusing, since the entire Carticipate system consists of a web2py install, […]

  • Version problems? To the Cloud !

    Image via Wikipedia I was on my way home from a business trip and wanted to print my boarding pass. Most hotels have a PC set up that is primarily for that purpose, and this one was no different. The PC they provide is set up so that it wipes itself every time somebody logs […]

  • Live Mesh Beta on Snow Leopard Login Problem Fix

    Image via CrunchBase I’ve been playing with the beta of Live Mesh from Microsoft for some time now, and find it a very useful technology. So far the only problem I’ve run into has been some bug that was introduced when I upgraded to Snow Leopard. For some reason, after restarting or hibernating my machine, […]