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  • Mac Intel to M1 migration

    Mac Intel to M1 migration

    Migrating from Mac Pro Cylinder to Mac Studo has some gotchas, this might help.

  • Easy GoLang AWS SDK V2  Upgrade

    Easy GoLang AWS SDK V2 Upgrade

    In my day job I have a pretty extensive library of routines I use to wrap cloud automation using the vendor libraries as composed functions. That makes things like deploying a stack, or creating an AMI a bit easier. Composed functions allow me to build things in the cloud in a consistent way.  I simply…

  • AWS Accounts as Cattle

    AWS Accounts as Cattle

    Manage infrastructure as cattle not pets and automating DNS migration between accounts

  • Plesk Migration to AWS

    Plesk Migration to AWS

    I have been running my hosting on 1and1 hosting (now Ionos) since the early days of the web. In the years I’ve been on that service, I’ve moved it a few times from one of their servers to another (mostly to save a few bucks), so it was time to do a Plesk migration to…

  • AWS Login Code As Infrastructure CloudFormation

    AWS Login Code As Infrastructure CloudFormation

    I set up AWS accounts in a hub and spoke model for access using AWS Organizations for login. This meaning that I have an AWS organization that is under my master account. I have my SSO federated login in a single login account whose only purpose is to do the federated login. After logging in,…

  • CloudFormation Custom Resources

    CloudFormation Custom Resources

    CloudFormation is the Amazon Web Services (AWS) method of creating repeatable infrastructure as code. Technically templates that describe resources to be built in AWS. There are things that either were never implemented in CloudFormation, or need some logic that exceeds what CloudFormation does. For those cases, AWS provided the capability of adding macros and custom…

  • Background Check

    Background Check

    Way back in 2013, when the economy was really being stupid, I took the leap of faith that taking a job in Salt Lake City would be a good move. Prior to finding that job, I’d been through a bad run in a sluggish economy, and having had a few years  trying to be a…

  • AWS Extend Switch Roles

    AWS Extend Switch Roles

    I lear about a change in how AWS extend roles works, and how to use the extension in Chrome after that change. AWS Extend Switch Roles Update 2.0.3

  • Tesla Turo Trip

    Tesla Turo Trip

    I decided I wanted to try two things for my birthday vacation: Renting a car from Turo.com Driving a Tesla on a long trip I had seen the Turo app, and saw that you could rent just about any type of car on it, and I’ve been thinking about wanting to see how ready for…

  • AWS Cloudformation with Optional Resources

    AWS Cloudformation with Optional Resources

    I had a situation where I had to bypass creation of some resources in CloudFormation. Either the resources already exist, or I just don’t want to create things depending on conditions. To achieve this it turns out that CloudFormation actually has a nice facility, although it is a bit awkward.