AccuWeaver LLC is a consulting firm specializing in rescue project management, software architecture,  development and change management for critical business problems.

We have demonstrated success in quickly understanding and responding to the business needs of sectors including financial, healthcare, software development, telecommunications and high-tech startups; approaching them  from the perspectives of technology, culture, people and complex process.

Our team has proven leadership skills with large interdisciplinary teams,  dealing with complex business problems within large multi-national corporations, developing customer facing solutions for various companies including PwC, Branders.com, John Muir Health, and Cisco Systems.

We provide Program Management services successfully leading and managing complex projects from inception, and putting failing projects on track. With a track record of  quickly understanding the current state of an installed technology in support of complex processes while providing technology leadership in designing the strategy for the future state of those processes, AccuWeaver delivers success.

AccuWeaver provides broad industry knowledge and experience with vendor software packages including database (Sybase, MS SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle), Oracle 11i applications, open source (Apache , Tomcat, NetBeans, Eclipse, etc.), McKesson Horizon Clinical Applications, and development languages including Java, jQuery, Objective-C, and PHP among others.

Give us a call at (925) 456-4762We are looking forward to hearing from you.

You can also contact us via email at:  info@accuweaver.com

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