Tag: Java

  • Making sure Stash starts up on Windows

    I was having a problem where Stash (which was installed as a service) wasn’t starting up properly and giving me a page that made it look like there was a problem with the database. I have a local MySQL on the same machine as the Stash server, and both that service and the Stash server […]

  • JPA and Maven and multiple persistence units

    I needed to convert an existing Netbeans build to use Maven in order to stabilize the code and support Test Driven Development. Generally this was a fairly simple process: just move all the source files and resources to the right folders in a new Maven project, and add the dependencies. Everything was going swimmingly until […]

  • Java 7 and Mac OS X

    After getting my new Mac Mini pretty well set up with my development tools, I started playing with Amazon AWS. When trying to connect to one of my instances using their built in tool, Firefox bailed and I was presented with a prompt asking me if I wanted to install Java: To open “Firefox,” you […]

  • EJB or not JB? That is the question (sort of) …

    I recently read a post on LinkedIn on the WAFUG group by Andrew Hedges: Frameworks or libraries? “Frameworks are larger abstractions than libraries. Abstractions leak, cost performance and take up mental resources.” … http://tr.im/20fm Is the whole framework craze overkill for most projects? At what point does it make sense to use a framework over […]